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History in the Air Since 1911

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Why was an ex-Royal Navy Phantom at a motorway service station?

‘Omega’ jet leaves Yeovilton bound for new home

IWM Avenger heading north

TBM to find new home in Liverpool in remembrance of anti-U-boat campaign

Red Arrows-marked Gnat for Tangmere museum

Jet trainer to become outdoor showpiece

'Barn find' NZ Mosquito to perform first public engine runs

Merlins on ex-John Smith ‘Mossie’ to be powered up at Classic Fighters Omaka show

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Aeroplane April 2023

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How the Cold War RAF evaluated new aircraft or tactics

When Fighter Command needed a new aircraft, piece of equipment or tactic evaluating, it turned to its in-house experts at the Central Fighter Establishment. A former CFE pilot recalled his tour with this unit

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VTOL pioneer: how the Short SC1 helped pave the way to the Harrier

Aeroplane’s Database focuses on the Short Brothers research aircraft that achieved a world first

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What happened when Poland took on Nazi Germany in peacetime skies?

When light aircraft from these two countries competed against one another, the outcome was perhaps unexpected — as the Challenge International de Tourisme showed

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REVEALED: 'Barn find' restoration of the sole surviving Fairey Gordon

The story of how this inter-war biplane came to be restored — and it’s up for sale

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How the Westland Wasp makes a practical private-owner helicopter

What’s it like for a private owner who’s never operated an historic aeroplane before to take on custodianship of a rotary classic?

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Aeroplane February 2020

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Aeroplane January 2020

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