Makeover for Spanish Mirage

The former Spanish and Qatar Air Force jet is preserved at the entrance to Lanzarote’s military airport complex

Dassault Mirage F1CE C14C.75 has recently undergone some refurbishment to address some of the corrosion that had been setting in, and its deteriorating paintwork. The jet is one of those acquired in the early 1990s from Qatar, and flew from Albacete with Ala 14.

Approximately 95 F1s performed a significant overall role in the Spanish Air Force. Spain acquired the type in the 1970s, its arrival marking a milestone in the modernisation of its air force. Equipped with advanced avionics systems and weaponry, the Mirage F1 helped Spain to maintain an effective and versatile military presence.

During the Cold War, F1s were deployed in various international operations, and over the years the Spanish Air Force carried out several upgrades to the fleet in order to keep it competitive in a changing environment. However, as technology advanced and operational demands evolved, the need for a new generation of aircraft became evident.

The retirement of the F1s – they were decommissioned in 2013 - marked the end of an era, but also marked a natural progression to more modern technology.

Dassault Mirage F1CE C14C.75 following its recent makeover
Dassault Mirage F1CE C14C.75 following its recent makeover Peter R Foster