The Vulcan’s engine

When you say XH558, for many people one thing immediately springs to mind: the Vulcan howl…


For those who were lucky enough to hear it, the sound generated by a quartet of Rolls-Royce Olympus engines is something that you never forget. Here, Sam Scrimshaw from the Vulcan to the Sky Trust talks about the incredible power generated by the Vulcan, while discussing how the aviation industry is now focused on developing greener powerplants.

Four Olympus 201 engines blast the second production Vulcan B.2, XH534, into the sky
An Olympus engine is made ready for installation in Vulcan B.2 XH557, used extensively by Bristol Siddeley as an engine development machine. A variant of the tried and tested Olympus was also used to power another iconic British delta-winged aircraft — Concorde
Aside from its military duties, the Vulcan was also much used as an engine tesbed. XA894 was used extensively for tests with Bristol Siddeley’s Olympus 22R engine with bifurcated air intakes, which would be used on the TSR.2

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