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Boeing suffers over $2bn loss in producing the USAF's next 'Air Force One’

Cost overruns on its project to provide the USAF with two new Presidential transports have caused Boeing to declare an additional $482m loss on the programme, bringing the firm’s total loss on the project to $2.4bn

USAF completes first phase of F-15EX integrated testing

The F-15EX Eagle II has completed the first phase of its hybrid developmental/initial operational test and evaluation programme, otherwise known as F-15EX Integrated Test and Evaluation, with the milestone being announced shortly after the fighter concluded its participation in the USAF’s Exercise Combat Hammer

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Everything you need to know about Iran’s new armed Mohajer-10 drone

As the Qods Mohajer-10 armed drone is unveiled in Tehran, Babak Taghvaee discusses its capabilities and its competition in Iran

Northrop Grumman pulls out of USAF’s NGAD programme

During a briefing on Northrop Grumman’s second-quarter financial results on July 27, Kathy Warden – the company’s CEO – revealed that “we have notified the USAF that we’re not planning to respond to the [Next Generation Air Dominance request for proposals] as the prime”

UAE’s EDGE signs engine agreement with Brazilian developer

The UAE’s advanced military technology and defence group, EDGE, signed a strategic agreement with Turbomachine, one of Brazil’s foremost turbine engine developers, on August 11

B-21 set to make first flight this year after ‘power on’ success

Northrop Grumman’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Dave Keffer, recently confirmed that the firm “remains on track” for completing the maiden flight of the USAF’s new sixth-generation B-21 Raider stealth bomber this year, though he cautioned that this would “depend on events and data”

Boeing passes major T-7A Red Hawk milestones as first production flight nears

Boeing marked the start of its flight-test programme for the T-7A Red Hawk advanced jet trainer when the first taxi tests were completed at its St Louis facility in Missouri on June 9

PAS 23: Leonardo, Nexter to develop new 20mm gun pod for M-346FA

During the Paris Air Show, Leonardo and Nexter (a subsidiary of KNDS) announced the launch of a joint development programme that aims to introduce a new 20mm gun pod on the M-346FA (Fighter Attack) – the armed variant of the former’s M-346 Master advanced jet trainer family

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Is the US starting to catch China and Russia in the hypersonic missile race?

Three years after the Pentagon confirmed that China had deployed its first operational hypersonic land-attack missile to its frontline forces, the US military is finally beginning to catch up with its rivals in the race to develop munitions capable of traveling five times the speed of sound, as David Axe reports

Russia eyes Indian collaboration in developing fifth-gen Checkmate fighter

Russia reportedly plans to discuss potential cooperation with India in the creation of new fifth-generation combat aircraft – with the previously unveiled Checkmate light tactical fighter being focused on in particular – at the Aero India 2023 international air show and defence exhibition, which is currently being held in Bengaluru