Chinese UAVs in Africa

Chinese UAVs have been making inroads into the world market, including North Africa and the Middle East. New customers identiied for Chinese military UAVs include Algeria and Egypt, which are operating CH-3, CH-4 and Wing Loong models. In October, it emerged Algeria was lying China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation CH-3 and CH-4 UAVs out of Ain Ouessara Air Base. Although not itted with weapons, a CH-4 was seen itted with hardpoints. Algeria already operates Denel Seeker UAVs. The Egyptian Air Force has revealed it is lying the Wing Loong and released footage of one destroying a ground target, in the first oicial confirmation it is operating the type.

Nigeria is another CH-3 operator and its UAVs have been used to strike Boko Haram militants. Non-military uses such as aerial mapping have also been found for the CH-3, with the type beginning such duties in Zambia in a first for China.