FlightControlReplay v5 out now

FlightControlReplay (FCR) developer, Fabio Merlo has announced FCR version 5 for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D v5 has been released.

FlightControlReplay v5

The new version sports a revamped user interface with a modern design, a reorganised layout and icons that integrate directly into the Microsoft Flight Simulator toolbar with a transparency mode and an ‘Always-on-Top’ option. It also supports VR headsets and multi-monitors.

FCR features an option for an ‘AI Ghost’ aircraft to fly in formation. They replicate your current flight path and are affected by winds and variations in speed. Cinematic replay automatically switches the camera between internal and external views when replaying a flight. A new landing report displays the vertical speed and airspeed at touchdown.

Additionally, the core program has been optimised for less CPU and memory usage, resulting in a smooth performance and faster video encoding.

FlightControlReplay v5


  • MP4 Video recorder
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery
  • AI Formation flying with up to five aircraft
  • Instant replay to resume a flight from any point
  • AI traffic detection, following, recording
  • Automatic camera change
  • In-game dynamic text.

FlightControlReplay v5 is available on simMarket for €20.00. Existing customers of previous versions are entitled to a discount.