Microsoft Flight Simulator - Sim Update 13 released

The Microsoft Flight Simulator team has announced Sim Update 13 is now available, adding a host of fixes and new features.

The Airbus A310 has received several improvements.
The Airbus A310 has received several improvements. Microsoft

‍Highlights include significant updates to the avionics on the default 747-8 and 787-10, such as SimBrief integration, allowing the route, payload and wind forecasts to be imported to the CDU. The 787 now features an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag), allowing take-off calculations to be sent to the FMC (Flight Management Computer). A first iteration of step climbs has also been implemented.

Working Title has also upgraded the Garmin G3000 / G5000 and G1000 Nxi with wind data, new weather radar features and autopilot improvements, such as VOR/LOC intercept and improved VNAV performance.

Many of the default aircraft have also been improved, such as the Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, Citation CJ4 and the Douglas DC-3 to name a few.

The hangar at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport has been fixed.
The hangar at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport has been fixed. Microsoft

The update also addresses various scenery fixes and airport improvements for the World Updates, including Points of Interest and landmarks. Support for various peripherals has been added, including the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls Pro on PC and Xbox and the Yawman Arrow on PC along with new presets for the Thrustmaster Airbus throttle quadrant.

Other improvements to the platform include various bug fixes along with memory and frame rate optimisation. A full list of Sim Update 13 is available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator website.