Orbx Simulation's Bilbao (LEBB)

La Paloma (‘The Dove’)

Those of us who live in the UK are blessed with beautiful countryside that owes much of its lush greenery to the relatively high rainfall we enjoy (although I’m not sure ‘enjoy’ is the most appropriate description). Consequently, many of us take our holidays abroad and for many years the most popular destinations were located on the southern coast of Spain. Popular, I imagine, because of the short flight needed to get there, although more importantly for us webbed-feet Brits was the pretty much guaranteed sunshine.

On finals for Runway 30 at Bilbao.

Yet what most of us have overlooked (myself included) was the closer proximity of the northern coast of Spain, where resorts such as Asturias, Santander, Santiago and Bilbao have been catering for those looking for a more authentic Spanish holiday for years. Set in the Basque region, these places are more picturesque in terms of scenery, without the sheer volume and occasional ‘lager’ culture that seems to typify the southern beaches. It’s also a good deal greener due to the higher level of rainfall they get in the north.

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