Plans to restore Newark Chinook gather pace

Volunteers at Newark Air Museum have started to fabricate missing and damaged items for Chinook HC.1 ZA717, which arrived at the Nottinghamshire attraction in 2018.

The team initially hoped to source the missing parts, but when these efforts were unproductive they decided to manufacture the elements themselves.

The majority of the damage being repaired was caused during a non-fatal flying incident on July 25, 1989, that saw ZA717 ‘written off’ at RAF Mount Pleasant, in the Falkland Islands. The museum plans to reposition the Chinook and nearby Puma XW208 to make both more accessible. It ultimately hopes to use ZA717 as an interactive education space for visiting cadets and school groups.

Work is due to proceed on Chinook ZA717
Work is due to proceed on Chinook ZA717 Howard Heeley