Senegalese Air Force receives new CN235-220MPA

Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has handed over a new production CN235-220MPA to the Armée de l'Air Sénégalaise (Senegalese Air Force) at the PTDI production facility in Bandung.

CN235-220MPA [PTDI]
The new Senegalese Air Force CN235-220MPA, with nationality markings covered over, during the ceremony to issue its Flight Acceptance Certificate at Bandung on March 11. Visible MPA equipment fit includes an under-nose forward-looking infra-red sensor ball turret and under-fuselage radome. PTDI

The aircraft - temporary test registration AX-2348 (c/n N069, to be serialled 6W-TTD) - was symbolically handed-over in Bandung on March 18 by the Managing Director of PTDI, Elfien Goentoro, to KASAU Senegal, Gen Papa Souleymane Sarr. Minister of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Prabowo Subianto, also attended the ceremony. The maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) was due to depart Bandung the following day on its delivery flight to join two other standard transport CN235s already in Senegalese service.

After several years of negotiation, the Indonesian Embassy in Senegal announced on May 16, 2020, that a contract for the MPA aircraft had finally been signed with PTDI. It rolled off the production line on August 4 last year and made its maiden flight from Bandung on December 8. After completion of flight testing, a Flight Acceptance Certificate for the aircraft was issued on March 11.