Volotea goes big in 2024

Spanish low-cost carrier Volotea has announced plans to increase its fleet and expand its network in 2024 after achieving “historic financial margins” in 2023. 

Building on its success, the airline, headquartered in Barcelona, plans to make 2024 a “record-breaking year” by carrying between 11.5 and 12 million passengers, an increase of 60% on 2019 levels, on nearly 450 routes. The airline will also offer up to 13 million seats, an increase of 12-16% compared to last year, on an estimated 80,000 flights.

Currently, over 50% of Volotea’s routes have no direct competition, which, the airline said, underscores “its significant role in establishing and facilitating crucial connections between regional European capitals and their surrounding communities”.

Volotea Airbus A319
The airline will be adding three more Airbus A320s to the fleet VOLOTEA

To facilitate this expansion, Volotea will add three more CFM56-powered Airbus A320s, joining its 24 A320s and 20 A319s already in service. No details have been announced on when the 180-seat jets will arrive nor where they will be based acrossthe network.

Two new bases have already been announced in Brest, France, opening in April, and Bari, Italy, which follows in July. They join the airline’s 19 other bases dotted across Europe. In a statement, Volotea said: “These strategic additions will further enhance Volotea’s presence in Europe and improve passenger connectivity while creating new employment opportunities, which in 2024 is estimated to reach an all-time high of approximately 2,000 employees.” (Photo Airbus)