The world’s strangest airline slogans

From cheesy catchphrases to word combinations that just don’t make sense, there’s been a lot of very odd airline slogans over the years. Here are some notable examples… 

Mottos and slogans are one of a marketer’s favourite weapons and when it comes to airlines there’s quite a variety. While some just ‘do what they say on the tin’, others leave people scratching their heads to understand or chuckling to themselves. 

Virgin Atlantic

Simple Slogans 

“The Low Fares Airline” 

You guessed it; Ryanair is the custodian of this straightforward motto. The low-cost carrier hits the nail on the head here as this is the company’s raison d'etre. Prior to this, Ryanair sported a “Fly Cheaper” motto. 

“Fly for the price of a taxi” 

This was the catchphrase for Germany’s Hapag-Lloyd Express, a no-frills high-frequency express carrier that painted its jets in the colours of a New York taxi, hence the reference to them in the slogan.  

“We make people fly” 

Indonesian low-cost carrier Lion Air’s motto is a bold statement of fact, though the company says it’s trying to convince everyone that anyone can fly with them and that it will always prioritise safety, security, and quality. 

“Scotland’s Airline” 

Scottish airline Loganair chose a relatively simple slogan for its branding. The Paisley-based carrier – which has bases at four airports in the country – is indisputably Scotland’s airline. 


Mysterious Mottos 

“Because owners care” 

This slogan comes from Canadian carrier WestJet Airlines and is to do with its good reputation for employee relations. A worker shares purchase scheme allows people to buy company stock, hence the reference to owners in the motto. 

“The world’s most refreshing airline” 

In an effort to promote its new business class offering, Swissair produced a marketing campaign in 1997, showing its aircraft with the typical refrigerated drink condensation effect. 


Humorous Catchphrases 

“Tickets from €29. It's not a joke, we're German” 

Cologne-based low-cost airline Germanwings used this motto on its marketing material. The advert poked fun at the country’s unfortunate stereotype of being humourless. 

“Mine's bigger than yours”, “More experience than our name suggests”, “Extra Inches Where It Counts” 

Virgin Atlantic is very well known for its humorous slightly left-field advertising campaigns. The Crawley-based carrier likes to use double meaning as a way of attracting attention. The first example appeared on some of the airline’s Airbus A340-600 fleet in reference to the fact that the type was the world’s longest aircraft for a time. The third slogan presumably refers to the carrier's generous legroom offering for its passengers. 


Downright Random 

“Fly is Cheap” – Wings Air (Indonesia) 

“Arrive in better shape” – Cathay Pacific  

“Follow me home” – Hawaiian Airlines 

“The 6000 mph airline” – Philippine Airlines  

“Work Hard. Fly Right” – Continental Airlines 


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