X-Plane 12.1.0 incoming

Laminar Research has announced X-Plane 12.1.0 is due to be released imminently, adding a host of new features and improvements.

The flight model has received several improvements.
The flight model has received several improvements. Laminar Research

Highlights include improved graphics, aircraft systems, flight model improvements, weather, ATC updates, enhancements to X-Plane Professional and a physics-based camera. This release is being tested internally and will release as a public beta soon.

The main focus of the update is graphics. These include:

  • Cloud shadows on water Bloom lighting effects where ultra-bright light sources are allowed to “leak” light out into surrounding parts of the image, often seen around the sun or aircraft lights
  • RCAS (Robust Contrast Adaptive Sharpening)
  • Softer, less aliased ground shadows
  • Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) improvements. This is the first step to improve anti-aliasing options in X-Plane 12
  • Improved CPU performance thanks to a new collector, which is used to decide what scenery the sim needs to draw at any given moment
  • Better water opacity and turbidity, no more seeing the bottom of boat hulls in many circumstances
  • New screenshot utility to control depth of field and exposure in real-time
New particle effects cause sparks from pavement collisions.
New particle effects cause sparks from pavement collisions. Laminar Research

New particle effects

  1. Sparks from pavement collisions
  2. Ground spray from aircraft wheels and engines
  3. Brown/white-outs while flying helicopters/powered lift aircraft

G1000 updates

  • ADS-B simulation
  • Stormscope page
  • Traffic map page
  • Airport METAR flags
  • NDB/VOR pages
  • WAAS/test satellite constellation boot-up overlay
  • G1000 plugin interoperability, making it easier for third parties to modify aircraft
  • Glass avionics via plugin making it easier for third-party developers to integrate custom glass avionics into aircraft
  • STEC ST-360 autopilot
The default G1000 features improved functionality.
The default G1000 features improved functionality. Laminar Research

Flight Model

  • Manual flap system and dial-a-flap functionality
  • Electric clutches for helicopters
  • Single-lever control for turboprops (if equipped)


  • New real weather server to resolve some recent outages
  • Real Weather METAR parsing improvements (less random rain)
  • Bug fixes for odd-looking real weather data (less Minecraft clouds)

X-Plane Professional

  • X-Plane control pad support on iOS
  • Ability to run the sim without default aircraft/tutorials present
  • Scalable Display support for multiple projectors and dome visual systems
  • More weather presets

Other details include ATC bug fixes and improvements and a new physics-based in-cockpit camera that moves based on the acceleration of the aircraft. More information is available on x-plane.com.