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Why has Iran bailed on purchasing Su-35SEs from Russia?

Babak Taghvaee explains why Iran has backed out of its acquisition of 25 Su-35SEs from Russia and how the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force has struggled to effectively operate its existing Fulcrum and Fencer fleets due to Moscow’s political strategies

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Everything you need to know about Iran’s new armed Mohajer-10 drone

As the Qods Mohajer-10 armed drone is unveiled in Tehran, Babak Taghvaee discusses its capabilities and its competition in Iran

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Iran shows off airpower in ‘Devotees of Velayat’s Territory’ exercise

After a two-year break, the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) held its latest ‘Devotees of Velayat’s Territory’ exercise in Isfahan at the end of July

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How does Iran evade sanctions to acquire western aircraft?

Two former French Air and Space Force Airbus A340-200s have recently appeared in Iran. Babak Taghvaee details the long, delicate process that the heavily sanctioned state takes to acquire western aircraft

US to send F-16s, F-35s to tackle Iranian attacks on oil tankers

The US is to send F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-35 Lightning II multi-role fighters to the Middle East in a bid to counter an increase in Iranian attacks on ships passing through the Strait of Hormuz, the Pentagon has revealed

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Running on Empty: How budget cuts have damaged Iranian Naval Aviation 

Repeated budget cuts have had a drastic impact on Iranian Naval Aviation, as Babak Taghvaee discovers

Israel pushing to accelerate F-15EX purchase as Iran threat builds?

In late May, Jerusalem was signalling to the US that if Iran continues its apparent race to attack Israel, action may be taken to stop it. This explains the pressure being placed by the Israeli Air Force on increasing the number of Boeing F-15IAs to 50 aircraft and starting deliveries as soon as possible

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Iran acquires ex-French Air Force A340s, but how did it do it?

Iran’s largest airline, Mahan Air, has recently purchased a pair of Airbus A340-212 long-range, wide-body airliners that were previously operated by the French Air and Space Force (FASF), growing the number of passenger aircraft in its fleet to almost 70

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Israel carries out strike on Iranian drone factory

An Israeli Intelligence Organization drone team, flying what were believed to be small quadcopters, hit the roof of a research facility belonging to the Iranian Ministry of Defence at the former Tohid ammunition factory in Isfahan, Iran, on January 28

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How does Iran manage to keep its ageing F-4 Phantom IIs flying?

Babak Taghvaee investigates how the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force restores and upgrades its damaged US-built McDonnell Douglas F-4D/E Phantom IIs