Short Sunderland

Sunderland hero remembered at Pembroke Dock

A Sunderland flying boat crewman’s bravery nearly 70 years ago has been commemorated through the donation of a George Medal to the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre

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Incredible story of the world's last flying Sunderland

Edward Hulton knew he was chucking money down the drain in keeping Short Sunderland G-BJHS flying, but he wasn’t about to throw away his dream. Thirty years after it left for the States, the archives of its former captain, Ken Emmott, offer some wonderful memories

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Preservation History: IWM Sunderland

From a gutted hulk used as a nightclub to a very fine museum piece, the restoration of IWM Duxford’s Short Sunderland is one of the preservation movement’s true epics

U.S.A.F. Skytrains at Tempelhof airport unloading supplies from the Western Zone. Feature Premium

First-hand report from the Berlin Airlift

A revealing account of the aircraft operations during the Berlin Airlift with ‘The Aeroplane’s’ John E Fricker getting to experience flights into the city on an Avro York and Short Sunderland carrying supplies. In his article, which was published in the July 23, 1948 issue, he also gives his impressions of life in Berlin which was still bearing the scars from World War Two

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Strike on the sea

It has been called the greatest air/sea U-boat battle of World War Two...