Deliveries and orders

Last year saw Boeing and Airbus each set new company records for airliner deliveries, despite engine delivery delays afecting delivery rates for the manufacturers’ key programmes. Boeing Commercial Airplanes delivered 806 airliners and Airbus 800 aircraft in 2018, according to results issued by the companies early in January.

The Boeing deliveries consisted of 580 examples of the 737, plus 145 787s, 48 777s, 27 767s and six 747-8s, while Airbus’ deliveries comprised 626 A320 Family aircraft, 93 A350s, 49 A330s, 20 A220s and 12 A380s. The Boeing deliveries total surpassed 2017’s total of 763 deliveries and Airbus’ deliveries total likewise exceeded the company’s igure for the previous year, which was 718 aircraft.

Boeing edged Airbus on aircraft orders in 2018, booking deals for 893 jets (comprising 675 examples of the 737, 109 787s, 51 777s, 40 767s and 18 747s) compared to Airbus’ total of 747 orders. Airbus’ 2018 net orders comprised 541 A320neo- Family aircraft, 135 A220s, 40 A350s, 27 A330s and four A380s. Mark Broadbent