Un jet clásico aeronavegable se une a la colección española

Hispano Aviación HA-220 Super Saeta EC-DXJ was placed on display at Spain’s Fundación Infante de Orleans (FIO) flight museum recently

The aircraft has been bought to replace HA-200E Saeta EC-DXR, which was lost in a tragic accident nine years ago. The Spanish-built jet arrived at its new home in Cuatro Vientos from Reus, where it had been based with its last owner.

Formerly operated by 214 Escuadrón from Morón, Seville, it was withdrawn from service in 1981, subsequently entering private hands. Some years later it was bought by a member of the Fundación Aeronáutica de la Comunidad Valenciana which flew it until its sale to a member of the FIO. The airworthy machine is expected to fly again in the near future. WITH THANKS TO ROBERTO YÁÑEZ

Super Saeta EC-DXJ will be flying in Spain soon
Super Saeta EC-DXJ will be flying in Spain soon ROBERTO YÁÑEZ