Brahmos-A missile for Russia?

According to Boris Obnosov, Director General of Russia’s Tactical Missiles Corporation, the Russian- Indian Brahmos-A supersonic airlaunched guided missile, originally developed for the Indian Air Force’s Su-30MKI fighters, is also being viewed as a possible new weapon of the Russian Air and Space Force’s (RuASF) Su-34 Fullback and Su-35S Flanker E fleets. He claimed that the missile’s adaptation for use on the RuASF most advanced tactical aircraft could be a straightforward job. The first Brahmos-A test launch made from an Indian Su-30MKI, conducted in November 2017, was successful.

The Brahmos-A is a supersonic cruise missile developed and produced by Russian-Indian joint venture Brahmos Aerospace in sea, air and land-launched versions. Alexander Mladenov