Insitu updates ScanEagle

Boeing subsidiary Insitu unveiled the ScanEagle3 at the recent AUVSI Xponential 2018 expo in Denver, Colorado. The company said the latest iteration of the system is designed to provide “an optimum combination of payload, endurance, mobility and cost to support a wide range of business and operation needs” for the medium-sized UAV market.

The ScanEagle3 features what Insitu describes as a “groundadjustable aero-package”, with movable wing positioning to provide a flexible centre of gravity and allow rapid payload changes in the field. Other enhancements are a new purpose-built engine, upgraded avionics and the same autopilot as the RQ-21A Blackjack. ScanEagle3 also offers increased payload (up to three payloads simultaneously) and endurance.

There is also full compatibility with existing ScanEagle system components, payloads, launch and Skyhook recovery systems, and the existing ICOMC2 and INEXA Control ground control station software. Insitu said the design is focused on obtaining Federal Aviation Administration type certification to enable operation in the US National Airspace System.

ScanEagle3 is designed to offer a multimission capability for commercial operations, including infrastructure management, disaster response, security, maritime surface search and vessel tracking, wildlife monitoring and communications relay. The system is 8ft (2.5m) long with 13ft (4m) wings and an 80lb (36.3kg) gross take-off weight. Mark Broadbent