Leatherneck Simulation's Christen Eagle

An aerobatic delight!

During my time in aviation, I’ve discovered there are three types of pilot. The first is a purely ‘by the book’ kind of pilot who enjoys a pleasant flight once a month with a passenger or two. Then there’s the ‘hooligan’, who loves nothing more than throwing an aircraft around like a dog with a stuffed bear. Finally, there’s the Jekyll and Hyde type. They’re a ‘by the book pilot’ in the week but at the weekends, anything goes. I’m probably closer to the ‘by the book’ pilot. My idea of heaven is a nice GA tourer and an IFR-ready panel. However, there are times when a ‘loop-the-loop’ would be nice. For the ‘hooligan’, there are few choices when it comes to a true aerobatic GA aircraft. One such model though is now available to sim pilots. Introducing the DCS: Christen Eagle II, by Leatherneck Simulations.

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