Thunder in the Air

The DCS: JF-17 Thunder by Deka Ironworks is now available for download on the DCS World e-Shop and Steam.

The single-engine, multirole light fighter was jointly developed by AVIC Chengdu and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC). The maiden flight was made in August 2003, with the first delivery to PAF (Pakistan Air Force) in 2007. Currently, several different blocks of the JF-17s are in service with the Pakistan and Myanmar air forces. On February 27, 2019, the aircraft was tested in actual combat and secured a significant victory by the PAF.

It features a bubble canopy for excellent visibility along with advanced avionics. A KLJ-7 radar provides good air-to-ground capability while a WMD-7 targeting pod searches for targets. Although "Thunder" is small, it is one of the most advanced fighter jets in the DCS World.



Key features of the DCS: JF-17 "Thunder" include:

  • Nonlinear industry-level high fidelity 6DOF rigid-body flight model with real-life aerodynamic coefficients
  • Line-by-line real-life full authority longitudinal fly-by-wire system and lateral/directional control augmentation system with various modes and control law reconstruction on malfunction
  • Detailed aircraft exterior model with faded paint and oil residue
  • 6DOF cockpit. Three large MFCDs with an advanced HOTAS interface
  • Accurately simulated sub-systems: communication and navigation, fire control, store management system, electromechanical management systems, air data, DTC card, warning system, defence system, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, environment conditioning, oxygen, external/cockpit light, power plant control, zeroizer, eject seat and g-suit system
  • Failure simulation: the module has over 200 system malfunctions and more than 100 damage partitions covering near 100 on-board devices; mutual malfunction effects between systems are also simulated
  • KLJ-7 radar can track 10 targets and attack two targets at the same time. KLJ-7 can also search/track surface (ground and sea) moving targets
  • Advanced stand-off attack capability: including LS-6 and GB-6 glide bombs, C-802AK anti-ship missile and CM-802AKG Man-In-the-Loop (MITL) missile
  • WMD-7 targeting pod can be used to search/track surface targets, identify air targets and provide guidance for laser-guided weapons
  • Advanced electronic warfare system: including chaff/flare dispense systems (OESP), KG-600 self-protect jamming pod that can locate radiation source and missile approach warning system (MAWS) installed on the tail
  • On-board datalink supports battlefield situation sharing between JF-17s and between AWACS
  • Detailed radio command options for ground crew interactions
  • Player-friendly configurations in Special Option
  • Air to air refuelling capability (Plan to add later)
  • Campaigns for JF-17 in the Caucasus theatre (TBD).