Twin Otter

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The European capital city with seaplane services

While common in the Maldives, Canada and Australia, there are precious few opportunities to fly in an amphibian in Europe. Ralf Kurz reports from Copenhagen

Fifth Gen Twin Otter unveiled

De Havilland Canada presses ahead with new iteration of the rugged turboprop

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SNAPSHOT: Retro planespotting in Rotterdam

Long-time contributor Ron Mak shares a selection of images from Rotterdam The Hague Airport, taken between 1970 and the late 1990s

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Nepal plane crash latest: 22 dead, no survivors

Emergency rescue teams in Nepal have retrieved the final body from the wreckage of a small passenger aircraft which crashed on Sunday

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Aerosoft's Twin Otter

The highly acclaimed Twin Otter Extended from Aerosoft was previously released for FSX and P3D. This time we review the Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator, available on both PC and Xbox.

Aerosoft Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator Released

The Twin Otter from Aerosoft has been designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator using the latest design, system and flight model technology optimised for the platform on both Xbox and PC.

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Twin Otter Part 2 – The Viking Years

Malcolm Ginsberg concludes the story of the Twin Otter...

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Twin Otter: Part 1 – The de Havilland Canada Years

The Twin Otter has many claims to fame, but one fact stands out...

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Viking’s Special Mission Twin Otter

The Twin Otter is a design that has endured and continues to attract new customers.